Sunday worship: 9 May 2021 - friendship with Jesus

Adrian preaches on Acts 10:44-48 and John 15:9-17, reflecting on Jesus' invitation into joy and friendship.

And Derrick leads a Zoom service from home on the same theme:


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Sunday Worship - 2 May 2021 - Cutting Back Growth, Letting in Light


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Sponsored Head Shave - 30 April 2021

Live video will be starting shortly....


I'm planning to shave my head on 30th April 2021 (before my wedding season gets underway in earnest!), as a way to raise awareness and raise funds to help us continue to develop healthier and safer church communities, and to support survivors of abuse perpetrated by clergy and church leaders.

Shaving the head is a biblical symbol of lament and repentance, and for me also says something about symbolically shaving off the trappings of the toxicity around male privilege, and some of the unhelpful cultural trappings that have been a factor in some recent high profile cases - the likes of Ravi Zacharias, Jean Vanier and several others, from across the spectrum of Christian traditions.

For me, this has great personal meaning, in terms of my own story and background.  This is a symbolic representative lament, a personal statement of intent, and a way to do something to raise funds to help on the frontline.  I am delighted to be partnering with Thirtyone:eight in this, who have been wonderfully supportive with the endeavour.  The work they are doing is making a difference, and the funds raised here will help more churches become healthier places for all.

One of the first people I told about my crazy head shaving idea was a friend whose life has been blighted by the poor behaviour of church leaders.  I asked how she would feel if some of those people were to shave their heads as a sign that they were sorry for the ways they had exploited their position and privilege to her detriment.  She said it would be a powerful image, after years of feeling invisible.  Since they won't, I will.  I want to listen, lament, repent AND see churches become ever healthier and safer communities.  The way church culture, power, opportunity, celebrity and privilege operate has seen change for the good in recent years, but there is further to go.

More information about Thirtyone:eight: We're an independent Christian charity which helps individuals, organisations, charities, faith and community groups to protect vulnerable people from abuse. To do this, we provide training, consultancy, disclosures and a 24 hour helpline, making sure everyone is equipped and empowered with the tools they need.



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Sunday Worship 25 April 2021

Road to Recovery of Hope & Faith


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Sunday Worship 18 April 2021


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Worship 11th April

Theme: The God of second chances


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Good Friday Meditative Hour

Cathy and Peter lead us through a contemplative occasion, using props, readings, prayers, music and silence to help us engage with the last moments of Jesus' life on Earth.


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Maundy Thursday Short Communion

Adrian leads us in a short contemplative service of Holy Communion to mark Maundy Thursday.
This is Mandate Thursday - Commandment Thursday - "Love one another" Thursday...


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Palm Sunday Worship 28 March


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Mothering Sunday Service

Bev leads us through interactive reflections on the story of Moses placed in the basket among the reeds by his mother, and how we too can take action to make the world a better place, no matter what our circumstances.


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Worship 7 March: Finding God in a world of people

Adrian explores the theme of finding God in a world of people, from Paul's letter to the church and corinth and John's acccount of Jesus clearing the Temple at the start of his public ministry.


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Worship 28 Feb

Jill leads us in an exploration of the meaning of the cross


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Mulbarton Worship 21 Feb 2021 :

 - Consider the Stars 


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Mulbarton Worship 14 Feb 2021 : Transfiguration

 - a Communion Service led by Adrian Miller


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All Services now online via Zoom

 - As a result of the worsening COVID-19 situation, all Services for the foreseeable future will be online using zoom at 10am on Sundays.  We hope that those taking place on February 14 and March 7 will be Holy Communion (again by zoom). 

Zoom Services link  Meeting ID: 993 672 961  Passcode: 123 

For those who don't have internet access it is possible to 'dail in' to the Zoom Meeting on 0330 088 5830.
After dialing 0330 088 5830 be ready to be asked for the Meeting ID, which is  993 672 961 followed by # and then # again (as there's no participant ID), followed by the passcode, which is  123 and then #.


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Worship 7 Feb 2021: The Gospel We Share


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Mulbarton Worship: 24 January 2021 - A life transformed

 led by Jill Wright. 

Picture: Caravaggio's 'The Conversion of Saint Paul'


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Epiphany: All Are Called - 17 Jan 2021

Peter leads us through a helpful exploration of what it means for us all to be called to the service of God.


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Plough Sunday 10 January 2021

 Worship with Holy Communion - recording of live zoom service.


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Mulbarton Worship 3 January 2021

 Christmas 2 and Epiphany


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Bracon Ash Christmas Eve Communion 24 Dec 2020


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Christmas Meditative Service

Make Room - a meditative service to reflect, rest and make room for Christ. About an hour.
From a recording on Tuesday evening 22 Dec 2020 @ 8pm
Image © : permission granted


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Christingle Service 20 December 2020


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Advent 3 Worship 13 Dec 2020

   Advent Joy

Due to slight technical hitch the start of the service is missing. There are two videos. Please watch the “Recapturing a Magnificat vision of Joy” by Nick Morgan first. The second video is the rest of the service led by Derrick.

Service continues ...


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Mulbarton Worship 06 December 2020

: led by Jill Wright “Good News”


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Mulbarton Advent Sunday Worship 29 Oct 2020

  led by Cathy Nicholls "The Light shines in the darkness"


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Mulbarton Worship 22 November 2020

 led by Derrick Hill :  "The festival of Christ the King"


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Mulbarton Worship 15 November 2020

 led by Sam Theobald : "Being expectant people"


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